Radial makes three types of ABY switchers to suit various price points and feature sets. The most cost effective is the BigShot ABY as this is a passive true-bypass switcher with extra features that you do not find on others including an isolation transformer and polarity reverse function. The Twin-City adds electronic switching and buffers for greater signal control and less switching noise. The Switchbone further advances the functionality with photocell switching, power booster and tuner out.

Feature BigShot ABY™

BigShot ABY

Switchbone V2™

Circuit type Passive True-bypass Class-A buffered Class-A buffered
Switching type Mechanical switch Electronic switch Photocell switch
Transformer isolation Yes - passive Yes - active Yes - active
Polarity reverse Yes Yes Yes
LED indicators No Yes Yes w/smart function
Tuner out Yes - passive No Yes - active
Power booster No No Yes, variable
Mid boost No No Yes, 3 position
Tuner mute function No No Yes
Power requirement None 9V supply 15VDC supply (included)

BigShot ABY

The BigShot ABY is a simple passive, true-bypass switcher. It features standard ABY connectivity with a tuner out and the added option of inserting an isolation transformer into the signal path. This can be used to eliminate ground loops. Once engaged, this also enables you to reverse the polarity on output-B to phase-align the two amps. It features heavy duty 14-gauge steel construction for added durability.


The Twin-City is an ultra compact active switcher that is equipped with Drag Control load correction for optimal tone. The buffered circuit is designed to drive long cables without noise. Transformer isolation on output-b eliminates ground loops that are common with most ABY switchers. Electronic switching is employed for quiet pop free switching, even when used with high gain amps. It employs standard Boss style 9V powering making it easy to integrate into pedalboards.

Switchbone V2

The Switchbone V2 may well be the ultimate ABY/C guitar amp switcher. This device lets you switch and combine up to three guitar amplifiers without introducing distortion, switching noise or hum into the signal path. Most importantly, the Switchbone V2 will retain the natural tone and feel of your instrument so that your natural playing style shines through.