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  • "The Headbone works exactly like I hoped it would. I can switch between amps for greater tone options while giving me an instant back-up. After 55 gigs, the Headbone has worked flawlessly."

    Myles Goodwyn
    (April Wine)
    Myles Goodwyn
  • "My annoying inability to compromise has lead me to some odd places in music, and fortunately, has also lead me to the ultimate no-compromise tonal solutions from Radial. Hooray for all us Canucks!

    Devin Townsend
    Devin Townsend
  • "The Headbone gives me easy access to all of my amps and I only have to carry two cabinets. I feel that Radial gives me the transparent tone I love and the reliability I need when we play."

    Tommy Johnston
    (Doobie Brothers co-founder, guitarist, songwriter)
    Tommy Johnston

headbone VAlve tube Head switcher

Part no. R800 7082 - Headbone VT for two valve/tube amps
Part no. R800 7083 - Headbone TS for one tube & one solid state amp
Part no. R800 7084 - Headbone SS for two solid state amps

  • Toggle between two heads using one speaker cabinet
  • Control the Headbone with a footswitch remote
  • Safe switching for both solid state and tube heads
  • Choose from three Headbones to adapt to any setup

The Radial Headbone is a specially designed switching device that lets you toggle between two different guitar amplifier heads using a single speaker cabinet. With the Headbone in your rig, you can use your Marshall head for rhythm and your Mesa-Boogie head for soloing. This is of particular interest for players that demand the utmost in tonal performance when on stage or in the studio.

Features include 100% discrete class-A circuitry for exceptional audio performance, transformer isolated guitar signal path to eliminate ground loops, plus a choice of either buffered or un-buffered inputs to optimize the signal path. The Headbone's internal switching comprises a series of relays, opto-couplers and load resistors, all of which are sequenced via a digitally programmed chip. Hit the footswitch and the Headbone jumps to action as it toggles the guitar signal from one amp to the other, disconnects the speaker and diverts the signal to a load resister, reconnects the speaker to the second head and turns the guitar back on - all in quick succession. The Headbone features SafeMode™ whereby in the event that power is disconnected - the Headbone's guitar input will automatically turn off. To eliminate a mess of cables on stage, the Headbone is equipped with Slingshot – a remote control port that lets you switch the Headbone using any standard footswitch or MIDI controlled contact closure. This eliminates long speaker cables while improving system efficiency.

The Headbone is available in 3 models: The Headbone VT for two valve/tube heads, the Headbone SS for two solid-state heads and the Headbone TS for tube to solid-state amp head switching.

The Headbone – a Radial 'power tool' for serious guitarists.


Effects Loop Controller


Multi-Level Buffer


Universal Remote Footswitch


Headbone VT

Use the Headbone VT to switch between two tube amplifiers. The Headbone will safely switch the amps and make sure the tube output stage always sees a load.

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Headbone TS

If you are using one tube head with a solid state head, the Headbone TS is the switcher for you. The TS is set up to handle both types of amplifiers.

Headbone SS

For those with two solid state amps, the Headbone SS delivers quiet, safe switching. In fact you can switch just about any audio source using the SS, not just amps!