PZ-Pre PZ-Pre
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  • "The Radial PZ-Pre is an important front-line piece of gear for anyone who switches instruments on the fly. Radial really got this one sorted out right!"

    Jerry Douglas
    (Alison Krauss and Union Station)
    Jerry Douglas
  • "The Radial PZ-Pre is the absolute top with my violins for the road as well as in the studio."

    Jean-Luc Ponty
    (Violin - Frank Zappa, Elton John, John Mclaughlin, Al Di Meola)
    Jean-Luc Ponty
  • "The Radial PZ-Pre is the most natural sounding acoustic preamp we have ever used, not to mention its road-tested durability. Thanks Radial."

    Zac Brown
    (Grammy winner - Zac Brown Band)
    Zac Brown
  • "With the Radial PZ-Pre on James Taylor's guitars, the result is a substantial sonic improvement imparting a rich, natural and open sound. Thanks to Radial for creating this elegant tool."

    David Morgon
    (Engineer - James Taylor)
    James Taylor
  • "Radial PZ-Pre is just amazing! It sounds killer and is very convenient and helpful. The EQs are very efficient and musical. This is the very best preamp I found so far!"

    Antoine Dufour
    (Amazing fingerstyle guitarist - Candyrat Records recording artist)
    Antoine Dufour
  • "Before the Radial PZ-Pre, the sound quality of my acoustic guitar would always vary from venue to venue. The PZ-Pre allows me to dial-in my acoustic once, and now my guitar sounds great. I'll never do a show without it."

    Javier Colon
    (Solo Artist)
    Javier Colon
  • "The Radial PZ-Pre is now a staple in my palette. It gives me a full, clean, and dynamic response, and authentically translates my banjo sound in any stage situation. I'm never worried about my sound with the PZ-Pre."

    Ryan Cavanaugh
    (Banjo - Bill Evans, Sam Bush, Victor Wooten, Béla Fleck, Robben Ford)
    Ryan Cavanaugh
  • "The Radial PZ-Pre is an absolute life saver for us. I can say in complete honesty that there is no way that we could produce the kind of quality acoustic show without the use of your fine products."

    Keb' Mo'
    (Grammy-winning roots and blues singer/songwriter/guitarist)
    Keb' Mo'
  • "I rely on my Radial PZ-Pre Acoustic preamp and J48 DI for all live performances. They maintain the natural acoustic sound of my guitars and the PZ-Pre gives me plenty of EQ when I need it."

    Guthrie Trapp
    (Garth Brooks, Tanya Tucker, Trisha Yearwood, George Jones, Alison Krauss)
    Guthrie Trapp
  • "As soon as I tried the Radial PZ-Pre, I was amazed at how warm and musical it sounded. It is clean and present but not bright, and delivers my guitar tone like a pickup should."

    Keith Sewell
    (Ricky Skaggs, Lyle Lovett; Dixie Chicks, Kentucky Thunder; Sam Bush)
    Keith Sewell
  • "The PZ-Pre elevates the sound of my guitar to a more powerful sonic level while retaining the acoustic DNA. It sounds warm, full and transparent. Thanks to Radial, I am a happy man."

    Pierre Bensusan
    (Guitarist - Dadgad Music)
    Pierre Bensusan

PZ-Pre™ Acoustic Instrument Preamp

Part no. R800 7085
  • Two channels to switch between instruments
  • Notch & resonance filters eliminate feedback
  • Pre & Post Radial DI outputs for PA and monitors
  • Power booster and mute for more control on stage

The Radial Tonebone PZ-Pre™ is the most powerful acoustic preamplifier ever to be put inside a pedal. And when we say acoustic, we do not just mean acoustic guitar - we mean ANY acoustic instrument including banjo, violin, cello, mandolin, contrabass, bouzouki or lute. The magic lies in the combination of high performance 100% discrete class-A PZB piezo boosters, an ultra-quiet preamp circuit that will adapt to any pickup system and a host of connectivity options that will put you in total control.

The PZ-Pre is equipped with two inputs for quick instrument changes on stage. These can also be combined to blend two pickups together if you so desire. Features include a powerful yet warm sounding semi-parametric EQ to tailor your sound, feedback eliminating controls including a dual-Q notch filter to surgically remove feedback, a high-pass filter to cut low frequency resonance, and a phase reverse switch to eliminate hot spots on stage. It is also equipped with a host of outputs: a ¼" hi-Z instrument out for an on-stage amp, a pre-EQ balanced XLR output for the PA system and a post EQ XLR out for stage wedges or in-ear monitors. A dedicated tuner out with mute switch lets you quietly tune on-stage. There's even a combination power booster - effects loop to add sizzle and dynamics to the performance and extra presence when soloing!

Compact and easy to use, the Radial PZ-Pre packs in all of the features you need to take your acoustic instrument from home to studio and club to concert.


Phantom Power Supply with Instrument Output


Instrument DI

BigShot I/O

True Bypass Instrument Selector


Using two acoustic guitars on stage

The PZ-Pre is the perfect stage partner for switching between two acoustics. You can have one for backup, alternate tuning or switch from 6-string to 12-string with ease.

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Using upright and electric acoustic

Switch between contrabass and electric or acoustic bass with a simple foot stomp! The PZ-Pre's input is easily optimized to work with finicky piezo pickups for a deeper, more natural tone.

Using the PZ-Pre on violin and mandolin

Using the PZ-Pre with a piezo transducer will give you more gain before feedback than a microphone. You will be surprised at how good a piezo can sound when connected to a PZ-Pre!