"... the Bassbone is just what I have been looking for."
       ~ Nathan East
(Eric Clapton)

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2-channel bass pre for 1 or 2 basses
Built-in direct box with XLR output
Combination power boost and effects loop
Powerful EQ and contour controls
Separate always-on tuner output

The Radial Bassbone is a power-packed bass preamp that combines real-world functionality with amazing tonal control, making it the ideal front end for live performance and studio recording.

Designed as a bass command center, the Bassbone features two separate channels with independent level controls and powerful EQ to let you perform with two basses on stage and instantly select between them with a footswitch. With Bassbone in your rig, each bass is treated separately - no more compromising! .

On-demand access to the combination effects loop and power booster lets you introduce effects and gives you that extra kick when needed. The Bassbone is also equipped with a built-in Radial direct box that sends 'your sound' to the mixer the way you want it. There's even a separately buffered tuner out that lets you monitor and tune on the fly.

Bassbone - the ultimate command center for serious bass players.

Bassbone - order # R800 7070
Suggested retail: $350 USD

Bassbone Setup:
Your Bass control center! Two channels with a separate level, EQ and selector for each. Plug in your favorite effect pedals into the switchable FX loop and juice up your sound for solos with a great sounding power booster. The always-on tuner output is buffered to stay out of the signal path. Best of all the built-in Radial direct box with XLR output sends your sound to the mixer so you get the tone you want up front.