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Dragster™ In Detail

Dragster Development

The idea for a stand-alone Drag™ control device came as the natural evolution of Drag control's presence on several other Radial devices, such as the JD7™ guitar signal splitter-reamper, the JDV™ direct box and SGI™ Studio Guitar Interface as well as the Tonebone Switchbone™, Loopbone™ and others.

Radial JD7 - first Radial device
with Drag™ control .
Radial JDV DI with Drag. Tonebone Loopbone with Drag control.

The benefits of the Drag™ control on these devices has been such that many players and engineers were asking us for a way to get Drag added to the guitar signal before wireless transmitters and other buffered devices that cause the true tone of the guitar to be compromised.

The trick was to get this Drag control into a package that doesn't interfere with the player using it on stage. It had to be small, light weight and easy to attach to a guitar strap or belt. Several prototypes were made and the final result meets all of the design objectives perfectly.

How Drag™ works:

What happens when you plug a guitar directly into typical tube amp is very different than what happens when you plug into a buffered device, mixer or effect. The amplifier presents an optimal load to the guitar pickup for which it is designed. Other devices change this natural load and the signal from the pickup is altered. Certain frequencies are emphasized or removed and the guitar looses it's warmth and rich harmonic tone. Drag control, simply put, restores the optimal loading on the pickup so that no matter what device comes next, the pickup always sees the correct impedance load, just as if it were plugged directly into the amp.

Using the Dragster

Insert the dragster between your guitar and device, such as a wireless transmitter using the two 1/4" jacks on the Dragster. Either jack will work as input and output–it makes no difference.

Adjust the 'Less-More' Drag adjustment to establish a pickup loading that suits your guitar/amp combination – it should result in a sound the same as if you plugged the guitar directly into your amp. The slotted flanges can be secured to your guitar strap with velcro or nylon cable ties. For a more permanent installation you can sew the Dragster on to your strap through the flange slots.