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Artist Testimonials
Kirk Hammett

"This box is very deserving of the word 'hot'—I definitely love my Bone!!"

~ Kirk Hammett

California born Kirk Hammett took up the guitar for the first time at the age of fifteen, beginning with a mail-order catalog special and little more than a shoebox with a four inch speaker for an amp. After picking up a '78 Stratocaster, Hammett attempted to customize his sound with various guitar parts, eventually falling for a 1974 Gibson Flying V. He even took a job at a Burger King restaurant to raise funds for a Marshall. Hammett's musical interests eventually drew him into the fledgling thrash metal genre. In 1982, he formed the group Exodus with vocalist Paul Baloff, guitarist Gary Holt, and drummer Tom Hunting. Exodus was a crucial early player in the Bay Area thrash movement. Hammett was invited to join Metallica, and in 2002, he became the first inductee into the Guitar World magazine Hall of Fame. He has toured with Metallica for more than twenty years and has been a role model for many modern guitarists.

» www.metallica.com/Band/kirk.asp

Note: These artist's Tonebone Hot British comments apply equally to the Plexitube, which is in effect, two Hot British pedals in one box — and then some!

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