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Trimode Artists & Quotes
Steve Lukather
(Toto, Columbia recording artist)
» www.stevelukather.net

"I've tried every amp, distortion box, gadget etc. that has ever been made since 1967 and nothing has sounded like the Tonebone. It has become an incredible asset to my sound and I recommend it to anyone looking for that NATURAL warm sound with sustain for days and days! Buy this now!"
~ Steve Lukather

At the age of seven a young Steve Lukather discovered his passion for the guitar. Influenced by artists like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, and Miles Davis, Steve developed a very distinct melodic guitar style featuring wide vibratos, string bends, and lighting speed. Later in high school Steve hooked up with some friends to form the group Toto, and the rest was history. Steve's reputation and unique guitar sound quickly gained him respect among the music community and was considered one of the most versatile guitarists of the 80's. His guitar skills landed him session work with superstars Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney and Don Henley, among others. Steve's guitar licks can currently be heard on over seven hundred records. The legendary guitarist is currently back recording and touring with Toto as well as his own bands.

» www.stevelukather.net

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Steve Lukather

Carl Harvey